Wine Coasters Set of 10

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The Wine Coaster Set of 10 by Clawcrafts is a perfect gift for someone who drinks. You can use these wine coasters for bars, restaurants, home, and the office. These coasters are cute and a unusual spin on the regular everyday coasters!

Each coaster is adorned with a pun on a well-known wine quotation “Red Red Wine”, “Red lips & wine sips”, “When there is no wine there is no love”, “Working from nine to wine”, “Wine is win with the end E”, “Wine is bottled poetry”, “There is truth in wine”, “Wine is the answer”.

Take care to safeguard the pricey wooden table you've invested in. Clawcrafts printed coasters provide the ideal surface for placing your beverage, whether it be wine, beer, tea, coffee, or juice, on the wooden table in a manner that is safe and without the risk of damaging the table's finish. 

Clawcrafts make high-quality, reliable, and long lasting wine coaster. Our drink coasters are constructed with a naturally absorbent cork base, and the tops are composed of metal sheets that have been printed with colourful patterns. Custom Drink Coasters have a long lifespan and are very sturdy.

The coaster design ensures that they will last for a very long period. If there are any liquid stains that have appeared on the surface that is currently shining, you should remove them with a damp cloth.

Features of Wine Coasters:

  • Material: Acacia Wood
  • Made in India.
  • Avoid washing the coasters in the dish washer.
  • In order to clean the coasters, simply use a damp cloth.
  • The coasters endure great strength and durability.
  • Reflects sustainability in make.
  • Healthy and hygienic.

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