3D Hand Flexible Toy

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This 3D Hand Flexible Toy is an articulated print-in-place model that requires NO supports, NO assembly, and prints well with PLA. It is made of ABS plastic, and it's print-in-place, which means there's no assembly necessary. A different substance can be used to print the bone nub to give it a more potent dose.

For kids who love to explore the world in 3D, this new toy is perfect! It's made of flexible plastic with a variety of fun textures, so they can explore every nook and cranny. Plus, it has a function, so they can play with it at any angle they like!

The 3D Hand Flexible Toy is appropriate for various occasions, such as Halloween, birthday celebrations, and theme parties, among others. This toy is highly entertaining because it flops around and moves in any direction. You may use it to make excellent party favors, encouraging additional guests to participate in the celebrations with you.

3D Hand Flexible Toys are manufactured of PLA-based plastic, which is incredibly durable, safe, biodegradable, plant-based, environmentally friendly, and waterproof. Because of the nature of 3D printing, there may be slight variances in the final appearance.

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