Red Strip Floral Custom Name Print

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Style: Soft Clear Case
Model: Iphone 11
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Clawcraft is happy to be able to offer phone cases that are different from what other brands have to offer. All of our company's phone cases are thought up and made by expert designers who work for us. We use the most advanced UV printing technology on the market right now.

All of our phone cases are durable and easy to carry. The designs won't get scratched or fade over time. Just put the case on your phone and you're ready to go. It's that easy to put the case on your phone. Every one of our cases gives you full access to all of the ports and jacks you need for normal use.

Please type a name or word using the letters of the English alphabet or a number. Please do not use emojis.

The product is a Printed Design Cover, and it was made using the latest high intensity print infusion technology.

When a customer places an order for the product, it is made based on the model of the customer's phone.

Access to all buttons and ports: You have full and unrestricted access to all the standard buttons, ports, and sensors, and regular headphones and chargers don't get in the way.

Design alterations: The size of the design will be different for each phone model, depending on how big the phone is and what kind of camera it has. This change will affect the size of the phone as a whole.

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