3D Lotus Mandala Art Wall Clock

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This 3d Lotus Mandala Art Wall Clock would look fantastic hanging on the wall in any location, be it a home or a place of business. The design incorporates the elements of a lotus flower and a mandala. In order to make it, a pattern similar to a mandala is used.

The modern wall clock of its inventive construction and the wide range of color tones it employs, you may make use of it to adorn a room while also using it to tell the time. This is made possible by the combination of its two functions. The artistic work that has been done on it also makes for a very interesting and captivating experience overall!

As a timepiece and ornamental component, this wall clock works well in a number of situations, from lobbies and living rooms to restaurants and hotels. This clock can be found in restaurants and hotels as well as in private residences. Your place will look more inviting once you've hung this signup.

All timepieces go through a thorough inspection before they are shipped, including a thorough examination of the movement as well as the dial, hands, and box.

The lotus flower represents rebirth. The petals of lotus flowers open in response to the sun's rays and then close again after dusk. The flower's spiritual significance is rebirth and resurrection. The lotus' everyday actions are tied to the rebirth of life.


  • Modern Wall Clock
  • Batteries
  • Type: Mandala Art

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