3d Heart Mandala Art Wall Clock

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Whether it's in a house or workplace, this 3D Heart Mandala Art Wall Clock will look great on the wall. The heart and mandala motifs are used in the design. A mandala-like pattern is used in its creation. You may use it to beautify a room while it tells the time at the same time, thanks to its creative design and the various shades of red and yellow it uses. It's also a fascinating experience because of the artistic work that's been done on it!

This wall clock is a great timepiece that can also function as a decorative object in a variety of business settings, including lobbies, living rooms, restaurants, and hotels. In addition to its use in the decor of private homes, this clock can also be found in restaurants and hotels. When you hang it up, it will help you make your location look more appealing to potential guests.

Before sending out any timepiece, we perform a comprehensive check on it, during which we examine not only the movement but also the dial, the hands, and the box to ensure that it is in excellent condition.

When it comes to our bodily and spiritual existence, the heart serves as the "core wisdom of feeling" instead of "head wisdom." Life-giving and complicated, it is a gift of compassion and understanding. As a symbol of affection, it's a good choice. When we think of love, we think of the heart, and it's no wonder why.


  • Modern Wall Clock
  • Batteries
  • Type: Mandala Art

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